FilmScatter Optical Thin-Film Software.

Efficient Simulation of

Specular, Surface Scattering, Volume Scattering and Guided modes.

Volume Scattering
B.R.D.F.cos θ and T.I.S
from volume inhomogeneities.
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Guided modes
Real or Complex effective indices
depending on the values
of the refractive indices.
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Surface Scattering
B.R.D.F.cos θ and T.I.S
from Surface Roughness.
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Material's database
Files materials are available in the software
These files allow the user to show the Cauchy
Cauchy dispersion relation of every glass.
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Specular R,T,A
Transmission and
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User interface
Developed under
Microsoft® Visual Studio 2013
in C++ language.
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About Filmscatter

Filmscatter is an innovative software which allows the calculation of optical properties : reflection, transmission, absorption factors in the specular direction versus the wavelength; Surface and volume scattering by rough surfaces or by inhomogénéities in the volume of multilayers stack, B.R.D.F cos θ (Bidirectionnal Reflectance Distribution Function) and T.I.S (Total Integrated Scattering) versus the incidence, scattering azimutal angle's and versus the wavelength.

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Surface scattering is calculated by three method Three vector scattering theories are used to predict the B.R.D.F cos θ and the T.I.S.
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Import/export compatibility with other software programs In Filmscattter Software you can import/export XML files from or to other software programs like OPTILAYER.
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Export datas to Excel. From the software you can export results of calculations to Microsoft Excel.
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